Waste bin mold

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Waste bin mold

The waste bin mold run with the injection molding machine to make the waste bins.
Our factory are making many different kind of waste bin molds.

Why the waste bin mold is so popular?

In our life, the waste bins are so important to keep different rubbishes indoor and outdoor, and the waste bin mold updated every year.
Choose the mould material is remain important, is not to say that the higher the price, the better, different to the requirement of different products for steel.
For these kind of waste bin molds, we use 718 and P20 steel for making as usual. These two kind steel are reasonable on the price for the this mold,which can make the surface of waste bin with certain degree of finish.

For the waste bins used indoor, the plastic is PP or HDPE material with MFI 4 to 6, high pressure injection moulding with strong mould cavity and core base.
We have a wealth of experience in making the waste bin mouds, like rotary waste bin, pedal waste bin,simple round bin and square bin, with 5L, 8L,10L, 15L, 20L, 50L…

If you want to book the wastebin mould, please contact us.

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