Vegetable crate mold

Vegetable crate ready mold

This vegetable crate mold are new and run perfect.This ready mould price is quite low. You can get this crate mould soon. This style crate mould are sold quite well on South Ameria.

Mould details

Why this vegetable crate mould is ready?

This crate mould we made for South America client. Since the client request to add the weight from 1.7kg to 2.0kg. But the amending cost is quite high for this style, we will sell this mold and make the new one for our client. This vegetable crate mould run perfect on the machine and the polishing is finished. So that this mould can load immediately, it will save your time if you are looking for similar crate moulds.

crate mold Specification:

ItemCrate SizeCrate Mold Size

Ready Crate Mould 3D photos:

Vegetable crate mold photos:


We can load this crate mould immediately after get the downpayment.

Steel Mateiral: P20H with 32 HRC for core, cavity, stripper plate;
Standard parts for the guide pillars, guide pins and wear blocks.
Ejection system: Automatic ejection with stripper plate;
Mould type: hot runner with 5 points open gates;
Cooling system: lines style.
Surface Finish: Polishing
Spare parts: temperature controller, water connector, O ring, screw.
Mold Life: 500,000 shots to 800,000 shots
Sample delivery time: 1-2 days
Mould deliver time: within 7 days.
Packing: Standard wooden case.

Ready Mould Testing videos

How much does a vegetable crate mould cost?

A vegetable crate mould, the cost is according to the size, design, cavities, hot runner brand and the steel material use. The small, simple, single cavity,cold runner,cheap steel crate mold can cost as little as a couple thousand dollars. But a large, more complex high-production, multi-cavity mold, brand hot runner, import steel can cost upwards of $20,000–$100,000 or more. This style vegetable crate mould are ready and on sale, we will sell is in quite low cost at USD12000/ SET / FOB NINGBO.

If you are interest other ready mould, please feel free to contact us.

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