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Ready mold for small box

This is box ready mold, we made it just for exhibiton. The box mold and lid mold are both with two cavities.

Why sell this box ready mold?

Now, our company have one ready plastic box mold for sale. We made this box mold just for exhibition showing, so the quality is very good. We already made 500 shots for mold trial so this box mould run perfect on injection machine. Now we sell it in bottom price.

There are 2 moulds in total for this plastic box set mold, including the lid mould and cover mould, both of these two moulds are in 2 cavities.

Our small box is ideal for moving, shipping or storing smaller, dense and heavy items such as tools heads, headware, small fishes and jewellery. This box is also the perfect size to hold fishing bait. The box can be made in a variety of colors, or transparent.

3D product potos

3D mold photos

Plastic Box Mould Details:

Product Size133X75X45mm136X77X11mm
Plastic MaterialPPPP
Product Weight32g17g
Mould Size370X530X315mm310X320X292mm
Mould Weight390kg175kg
Type of RunnerHot runner: 2 points of pin gates, Made in ChinaHot runner:2 points of pin gates, Made in China
Mould life300,000 shots300,000 shots
Injection Machine250T160T

If you are interest our ready mold, we can give you best price. Please contact us.

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