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Plastic crate mold for injection molding

Plastic crate mold, which we make will work together with injection molding machine to make the plastic crates. As usual, the crate mold can be customized to fit different using on fruit and vegetable storage and transportation. At present, The plastic crates have a large quantity demand and many different dimensions, so that many plastic facotries make many different design crate for production.

Why use plastic crate?

Plastic crate is widely used for fruit and vegetable storage and transportation.
The plastic crate can recycle to save cost, the plastic material is recycled to protect the environment. We willl help the customer to design the new style crate mould to meet the local market requirement.

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OuR features & advantage

Our company with 15 years on crate mold making experience. We make around 100 sets of crate molds every year, we already made more than 1000 sets in toal for domestic and foreign markets. With rich experience on making the crate moulds, we made the moulds with short lead time (40 days) and competitive cost.

The crate molds we made:

1/ Choose the resonable steel for mold core & cavity steel, control the hardness of steel material, P20, 718, 2316, or customized etc.

2/ The silder guiding system of crate mold and stripper plate part must be processed by high precise machine. Rough machine or hand working is not acceptable.

3/ If necessary, must use the hot runner system, choose reasonable injection gates, and use good hot runner system.

4/ Air exhaust problem must solve on handle area and the center of each part, or the crate cannot reach in perfect capacity loading. The handle part will be easy broken during using since the biggest force is focused on handle area. This is very important to make the plastic crate mold!

5/ Automatic ejection is requsted usually, so the crate mould must be made with full down.

6/ Cooling lines must be as much as possible to cold the temperature down soon, in order to make with short cycle time.

How to make plastic crate mold with long life?

If you are interest to know more details, please check visit here. We will explain in details and help you to make the crate mould in qualified.

Crate Mould Trial Video

Mould trial record for UK customer.

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