Plastic bucket mold

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Plastic bucket mold manufacturer from China

The plastic bucket mold which we made is an injection mold and work together with the injection molding machine for making the buckets. The plastic bucket are fabricated from superior grade plastic resins, such as PP or PE.

What is plastic bucket mold?

Plastic bucket mold is one kind of household mold, there are many different kind of bucket moulf, such as paint bucket mold, water bucket mould, pail mold, etc.

From 0.5GAL,1GAL,2GAL,5GAL,10GAL,20GAL,30GAL,50GAL,100GAL,… round, square, oval and other shape in all types of sizes, in a variety of designs and patterns, we had made hundreds of plastic bucket molds with high quality in competitive price.
Plastic bucket moulds which we made are known for being long lasting and easy maintenance.

Bucket mould specification

ItemBucket Body SizeBucket Body Mold SizeBucket Lid SizeBucket Lid Mold Size
MaterialPPP20H/ 718 steelPPP20H/ 718 steel

Features & Advantage

Our services include SLA rapid prototyping, tooling, sampling, trail testing, mass production and assembly.
For plastic bucket mold making, we often give you below suggestions:
Core and cavity steel: according to the client’s budget and productivity requirements.
We suggest the following steel grade:
Forging steel: 50# forging, 40Cr
Prehardened steel: P20 (1.2311), P20+Ni,etc
Harfen Steel: H13 (1.2344) / NAK80…etc.
Stainless steel: 1.2738
Steel of Mold Base:according to the client’s budget and productivity requirements.
Normal used material: S50C or P20
Core pulling steel:718H.
Ejection system: Motor, oil cylinder, stripping plate, angel pin, ejector pin…etc
Mold Accessories: DME/ HASCO Standard.
Cooling System:use baffle or chain cooling lines on core side;use chain drilling type cooling and baffle as well on cavity side;
Surface Finish: according to clients’ requests.
Normal used: Sand textured,flower textured, EDM machining, Polishing.

Mold Life: Up to mold steel grade.

  1. Forging steel: min. 300,000 shots
  2. Pre-harden steel: min.500,000 shots
  3. Harden steel : min.800,000 shots.
  4. Stainless steel: 800,000 shots.
  1. Cold runner
  2. Hot runner pin-point gate
  3. Hot runner big gate
Delivery time: within 55-65 days to get T1 samples

How to avoid the plastic bucket mould core decentred and caused the wall thickness of bucket uneven?

1. The interlock system of the core and cavity of plastic bucket mold must have enough height, at least 30 percent of the bucket body height.
2. Cannot made core part and cavity part any mistake on levels during the machining process.
3. Add the wear blocks on the cavities surface and interlock place as much as possible in order to adjust the wall thickness a little.
4. Must choose the good injection machine for production, in order to avoid the core decentred happended because of the machine mould plates are not in balance.
5. Optimal and equal cooling effects in different area of bucket mould cavity and core.

Plastic Bucket Mould – mould trial video

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