One way pallet mould

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One way pallet mould

One way pallet mould

  • Part name : One way pallet mould
  • Part material : PP,13.5kg
  • Part size : 1200*1000*150mm

Our one way pallet mould Use complex mold structure, consider suitable cooling system design, use mold flow analysis to decide good hot runner system in balance and professional filter system design, suitable for high speed recycled material injection production. Stroke switch controls ejection process precisely, oil and water.

One way pallet mould Details

A/B plate S50C
Core/Cavity P20 and 718 nitrided
Slider P20 and 718 nitrided
Spare parts DME
Ejector plate S50C
Hydraulic Cylinders Jufan
Surface finish Polish
Runner Type 22 points of open gates
Hot runner system brand MY
Ejection system Ejection pins
Mould size 1580*1580*1050mm
Mould weight 15.5T
Injection molding machine 2400T
Lead time 80 days
Mould life 300,000 shots

Particular Parameters

Light weight and One – Body structure

  1. 4 way entry access
  2. Special design for forklift and jack pallet
  3. Production possibility with variant and specifications of customer
  4. Anti – slip rubber (optional)
  5. Application on- 40℃ to +60℃

  General parameters

  1.  High Stable and durable
  2. High Safety of worker
  3. High Safety of goods
  4.  Stable dimension and weight
  5. Hygienic and clean
  6. Resistant on insects and bacteria
  7. Resistant on humidity hot and cold weather
  8. High resistant on acid
  9. Increasing work efficiency of systems
  10. Increasing the holding area and storage space efficiency
  11. Environment friendly

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