Chair mold

Plastic Chair Mould

This chair mold which we made for U.K. customer. The molding product – plastic chair is without leg, it may for gymnasium using. We can call it gymnasium seat, or armless chair.

How to guarantee the mold life for chair mold? 

As usually, the chair mold is not easy broken if the mold without any sliders and inserts. If the mold structure with sliders and the small inserts, the mold life will be less because the moving part will be easy broken. Then we have to use good steel material for the important part, such as the sliders and inserts with 718H, H13 steel, or S136 etc. For the mainbody, we can use P20H or 718 steel, which the hardness with around 32HRC.

The customer always ask the guarantee with one million shots. How to say, one million without any flash, with no problem on hot runner system? We always tell the clients, there is no problem if you maintain the chair mould in good conditions. If you didn’t do any clear work after runner, the mould will be easy have problem. The maintain work is quite important to the mold life to keep one million guaranteed.

If you need more information about the chair mold, please let us know.

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