Plastic bathtub mold

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Plastic Bathtub Mold

The plastic bathtub mold is injection mold for making the baby bathtubs and some other tubs.
We always use the bathtub in plastic instead of the wood. Since the plastic mateiral is quite light, can recyled, also make with kinds of size and design.
The wood material is heavy, cannot recycled.

Baby bath tub mold

The plastic bathtub mould for injeciton molding to make the baby bathtubs and big tubs. This plastic bathtub mould use the hot runner system from the bottom of product enter into the plastic material.
We use PP material for the baby bathtub as usual. If the thickness of bathtub is quite thin, we must use the high melt index of plastic material for production. According to our experience, some clients from South America like to make the wall thickness quite thin in order to reduce the plastic material cost. The style on the photo is air vent for ejection, but we also can use ejection pins or stripper plate for demould.

Bathtub mould 3D photos

Baby bathtub mold

How does the plastic bathtub mold work?

The plastic bathtub mold cannot work it by itself for production, it must work together with the injection molding machines.
We choose the reasonable machine at first, such as 650T or 780 injection machine.
Then we fed the plastic PP material granules into a heated barrel via a hopper, melted using heater bands and the frictional action of a reciprocating screw barrel.
The plastic is injected through the nozzle into bathtub mould cavity when the mold is closed on the machine, the liquid hardens or sets inside the mold, adopting its shape.
At last, open the mold after the parts cool down and take it out.

The mold action as below after install on the injection molding machine:

  1. Close the mold;
  2. Inject plastic matieral into the mold cavity via nozzle;
  3. Keep the mold closed until the plastic parts cold down and can be ejected;
    4, Open the mold;
  4. Push the molding parts come out the mold and fall down;
  5. Close the mold for next shot.
    If necessary, the injection molding machine can extend the mold opening time to prepare for the next (injection) cycle.

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