Plastic Basket Mold

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China Plastic Basket Mold manufacturers

Plastic basket mould belong to injection molds, the molds which we made including supermarket basket , fruit basket, laundry basket, etc. As one of rich experience mold manufacturers, we made many different kind of basket moulds.

About the Basket Mold

We made a lot of different size of basket molds every year, such like shopping basket mould, laundry basket mould, fruit basket mould etc.
And we provide service in product designing, prototyping, reverse engineering & flow analysis. We are specialized in plastic basket mould where art meets technology.

To meet customer needs, we will discuss the raw plastic and steel material required, mold size required, injection machine size required, cycle time needed, production time calculation report.
After that, the plastic parts design service, mold engineering service, mass production arrangement, post assembly service or post machining service are also provided.
Each mold and molding projects, we will see client specifications to meet the needs of a wide variety of plastic industries.

Plastic basket mold
shopping basket mold
laundry basket mold
supermarket basket mold
basket candy mold
vegetable basket mold
fruit basket mold
Rattan basket mold

Features &Advantage

Our professional service includes designing, engineering, mold making, prototyping and tooling. From single prototype to OEM and ODM high professional volume production, We manage all our customers plastic injection molding requirements. Except mold manufacturing, we can provide injection molding service. If the project need, we can design and provide fixture and jig making service for stabilizing some easy deformed parts need. If the client need that, we also do chrome plated, painting, ultra-sonic welding, assembly or packing/printing service. We provide low volume, pilot run of production job and mass production for customer.

For plastic and mold design

  1. The software we use includes Pro-Engineer, Cimetron, Auto-Cad and Solidworks.
  2. The clients can offer 2D or 3D in .igs/.stp/.x_t formats, or just send us the samples we will design by ourselves.
  3. We can make the mold flow analysis if the product with gates’ problem.
  4. Mold design (with the best optimized mold water channel arrangement design and the best cycle time performance consideration design)

How to make the basket mold ejection smoothly and automatically?

Some style of baskets, especial the rattan basket, the surface is done with the textured or EDM machining, it is easy stick to one of sliders after the parts molding.

We also should make the angular pins or moving system (H block) with enough big angles, then need to make the slider system move out on four ways enough space.
The stripper plate is optimal method to eject the basket automatical.
We have very strong technical experience on basket moulds design and manfuacturing from 15 years mold making.

Mould Trial Video

NO.Basket Mold
PaymentT/T, L/C
Product OriginZhejiang,China
Shipping PortShanghai/ Ningbo
Lead Time55-65 days after 3D mould drawing is approved.

Mould details as below:

Product Size340mm474mm460mm1030gPP
Mold Size1060mm1160mm805mm6600kgP20H/718

Basket 3D & the mould 2D

If you want to know more about the plastic basket mold, or if you are interested in making with the mold project, please feel free to ACE MOULD. You can visit our main website

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