120L dustbin mold

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120L Dustbin Mould

The dustbin mold run with the injection molding machine to make the dustbins.
High standard industrial dustbin mold, with beryllium bronze on the top of the core, with MFI = 4-6 HDPE material and add UV special mateiral, high pressure injection moulding with strong mould cavity and core base. We have a rich experience in industrial dustbin moulds with 50L,100L, 120L, 240L and 360L.

120L dustbin mould specifications

ItemDustbin Body SizeDustbin Body Mold SizeDustbin Lid SizeDustbin Lid Mold Size

After the contract is confirmed, before the mould start machining, first of all, we should send the dustbin 3D and 2D mould drawing to clients for approval.

Our Featured Product

For the 120L, 240L, 360L or bigger size of dustbin moulds, we always book the forging steel or prehardness steel due to the steel material is always very big; As usual, this mold structure is very simple, the main problem on the decentre of the core part is easy happened. Our company make the special techinal avoid to decentre happen. We will use high-precision machine to make the bottom part and sliders part in good finished.

Why the dustbin mould need to do chrome?

The dustbin mould need to do chroming in order to avoid the surface rust after production, we can keep the dustbin surface with mirror polish after production. But we always do chroming only on cavity part, not on core side. It is very important!
If we do both for core and cavity sides, the dustbins are not easy to demould after moding. Since the air cannot exhaust, the dustbin will stick on the mould then broken.
Therefore, we only do the chroming on cavity part of dustbin moulds.

We have a rich experience in industrial 120L dustbin molds.

Dustbin mould testing video

dustbin mold

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